What is the only piano learning software — both highly effective and enormous fun — from which an actual accredited college course was created?

About the Piano Wizard Academy

Chris Salter first thought of inventing the Piano Wizard game shortly after graduating from Southern Illinois University. He entered the University in 1978 to study cinematography and began producing films about music. Shortly after, Salter met piano instructor Don Beattie, who came to the School of Music in 1979, and began taking piano lessons with the new faculty member. While Beattie helped Salter learn to play piano before he graduated, Salter said he never mastered reading music.

A few months after graduating in 1983, Salter took classes to learn how to type. Salter felt the lessons were frustrating until he played a typing game, and soon he was typing 40 words per minute. It dawned on him that a piano video game could have the same effect. After years of consideration, Salter decided to form a business to develop and manufacture the game. Music Wizard Group was born.

Salter kept his connection with Beattie and with the SIU School of Music and set up the boot camp (as seen in the video above) using Piano Wizard. The results were nothing short of amazing and the Beatties knew they uncovered something special.

In the fall of 2005, the Beatties founded - and now direct - the Piano Wizard Academy at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Their work as Academy Directors is opening new horizons for young children and adult beginners of piano. Don and Delayna authored a 100 Song Lesson Series that is now the "Academy Music Library" for the game. Music Wizard Group and the Beatties have collaborated in the development of Tutorial DVD and Songbook lessons for the Academy Music Library.

The Beatties are pioneering a completely new way to teach piano musicianship and the love of music. In Piano Wizard Academy, children, as young as age three, are so enthused about playing piano that their parents are astonished. It is an amazing thing to experience their children's newfound love of music and the piano.

We realized that not everyone would be able to attend the Academy, so we brought in the cameras and recorded the lessons with Don and Delayna. These DVDs - combined with songbooks and hundreds of dollars worth of bonuses from select partners - create a compelling and complete piano learning system designed to simply and intuitively teach you and/or your children how to play the piano and read music. It requires no previous experience and it makes the process fun.

Is making music a part of your child’s life? 30% jumps in math and spatial skills with 2 years of piano according to Harvard, new memory cells in the brain after only 4 months, better SAT scores, social skills and self confidence. Learn more with this Free report from Music Wizard Group: How Music Can Dramatically Affect Your Child’s Development and Life-Time Success"

Piano Wizard Academy - Real Music, Real Instruments, Real Learning, Real Fun!


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